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To your home away from home!

We are delighted to have you as our guest and hope you will enjoy your stay. To make your stay as comfortable as possible, we have compiled some common questions and answers that may be helpful during your time here.

We hope you have a wonderful time with us!

  • Trådlöst nätverk (Wi-Fi) – You will find the router by the TV, and on the back of it you will find the name & the code to access. We use 5 G and unlimited data.

  • Parkering / Parking If your apartment has got parking you will have gotten the information in your arrival information. We always have signs ”Stay Easy Parking” where to park. 


  • Sophantering / Recycling – In Sweden we recycle everything, so please respect the rules and put plastic, glas, metall, paper and foodwaste in the diffrent containors,  usually placed by the main garbage or in a separate garbage room.

  • Tvättmöjligheter / Washing roomIf you don´t have a laundry machine in the apartments there is always a laundry room that you can access. In Sweden we have a system with booking cylinders/ booking board, usually placed by the laudry room.


  • Städning / Cleaning Stay Easy servicetem provides cleaning every other week, this is included in the rent, we will also provide new bedlinnen and towels. (Towels are allowed to wash in a regular machine, but please DO NOT wash our bedlinnen since this are washed in a special facility.)

  • Skador och underhåll / Damages and maintenance – Please contact us if you accidentally break something so that we can exchange this. And please use the aparments as it was your own and take care of it, so that we can provide our next customer with the same standard as we did you. 

  • Rökning / Smoking – Stay Easy doesn´t allow smoking in the apartment, OR on the balcony, this is to respect the neighbors. If you need to smoke, please leave the building and go at least 10 meters from the house. Make sure to not litter, throwing cigarettbudds are prohibited in Sweden, and you might get a fine for doing this.  Smoking indoors or on the balcony will be fined with €300 

  • Utcheckning / Checking outPlease do the following and note that check out is no later then 10 am 

    • Empty the fridge and the freezer

    • put used bedlinnen and towles on the bathroom floor

    make sure that you have all of you belonging ( if we find anything when we are clening we will contact you)  

    • Throw away the garbage

    When you have looked the door you throw the key back in to the postintake on the door, if the door don´t have one, you put the keys in the postbox it is usually by the entrence  – make sure you put it in the right box. ”Stay Easy Apartments and the apartment nr” should be displayed.

  • Kontaktuppgifter / Contact information – Serviceteam phone 9 am- 4 pm +46 739 361 361 or send an email to
    Emergecy nr: + 46 707 701 766, in case of life threatening emergency call 112

We hope that this information is helpful to you, if you are missing anyting please let us know.

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